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(Eng.) TRACHEA > (Ro.) TRAHEA > (Sp) TRAQUIA > (Fr)TRACHÉE > (Greek) TRACHEÍA > ΤΡΑΧΣΙΑ τραχεία >(Ru) TRAKHEYA трахея Trakeya > (Bu) TRAKHEYA = ТРАХЕЯ = Tрахея 
*Tracheía/Thrákes /Trachea/Thrace* means so many things :)
1) - *Traces* /archaeological traces or findings, reminds of earlier or ancient civilizations /History
2) - *Traces* back to the origins of civilisation
3) - *Traction* as in tractiune accelerata (accelerate traction)
4) - *Trachea* in (Human Anatomy) - the vital organ oxygen carrier/traction of oxygen
5) - The letter Γ γ Gamma- is pronounced intermittently G/C/K/J/ 
Ex: the Romanian verb  *Trage* means all the above and more
A) -  *Trahea* / Tracheía in greek /Trachea in English
B) -  *Trage* aer in piept prin trahee = in-spira (breath/aspire through the trachea)
C) -  *Trage* cu arcul - (shoots arrows - 1st you have to *Trage* = pull back the arrow in order to shoot/lounch it); imperativ *Trageti* which might explain the name of the *Tirageti*/Tyrageti tribe/s
D) -  se *Trage* din-tro famile mare/ regiune geografica ( Traces his origins back to a large family /originates from certain geographical region);
E) - *Trage concluzii* (draw conclusions > concludes)
F) -  *Trage /tractiune accelerata* (accelerated traction)
G) - *Trage caruta* , Tractiune (Pull the cart /Traction)
H) - *TRACHEA of Europe* was and still is the river Ister Histrus/Istru /Danube /Dunarea -
a) A vital source (fish) for thriving,
b) A mean of trade - commerce / goods transport /Traction,
c) A continental climatic delimitation - The Colder North Europe and the Warmer South Europe,
d) A naval passage between North / East and West / East,
e) The main way of passing/propagate/extend the Danubian-European Language and Culture. All the Countries Along the River Danube and surroundings refer to their place of origin as from here or this place: Eng. This [dis/dici], Fr. D'ici, Ne. Dutch (Daci), Ro De aci D'aci [Daci] Ge. Deutsche [doici] 
Sp. De aqui [de aqi], It. Da qui [daqui]  I) - *TRACES* It seems at least the *TRACES of European History * originates from the river *Histrus* / Ister /Dunarea/ Danube, ISTER >ISTRU > HISTRU> HISTORY. 

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